What Does Israel Look Like Through Fresh Eyes?


Once in a Lifetime HD Stand With Us

Once again Stand With Us is bringing a group of open minded bloggers, Facebookers, Instagrammers and Twitterers to Israel. Past trips have resulted in some beautiful photos and very interesting observations.

Understanding how important exposing Israel is, Dan Hotels donate room nights at their great hotels across the country looking for nothing more than social media pictures highlighting their hotels. Dan Hotels’ social media team enjoys following the incredible pictures their visitors take.

The observations of real people, when first exposed to the amazing breadth and depth of Israel, well beyond the stereotypes of conflict the outside media portray, is so useful for Israel.

You can follow their progress on the Once in a Lifetime HD Facebook page and via Twitter.

Once in a Lifetime HD invites the worlds leading Instagram users on an extraordinary journey to share Israel through their lens.

StandWithUs is an international non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about Israel (www.StandWithUs.com).

What picture comes to mind when you think about Israel? What do you want the to know and see that the main stream media doesn’t show? What does Israel have to offer?

This is why OnceInALifetime HD is taking place for the second time. Initiated by Tel Aviv University Students in 2012, this project is an ongoing program brought to you by StandWithUs. Join us and come see what 9 Instagrammers from around the world discover in Israel.

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This film comes from a previous visit:

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