NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman ‘In Awe’ of IDF Medics in Philippines

Well someone’s noticed.

idf philppinesI’ve always been fascinated by how well the Israeli Defense Force, otherwise known as the IDF, delivers emergency response medical care in extremely poor conditions. My first experience with the IDF was in Haiti after the devastation of the earthquake there. They were remarkable then, triaging and treating patients in the midst of the devastation.
I wondered if they had found their way here — so we set off to find them. And when we did, it was in a place we least expected.

The IDF had selected Bogo, a small village on the northern island of Mactan, to establish its emergency response center. Bogo had been hard hit by the devastation but it hadn’t attracted as much attention as other towns. It was definitely off the beaten path.I knew we had found the IDF medical team as soon as we arrived at the hospital where they were working. A fence surrounded the grounds; soldiers were stationed at the entry and sharp shooters were visible from rooftops. Security is of paramount importance to the Israelis and they will survey potential sites for days to before one is selected.

As we walked up to the tent where incoming patients were being processed, I immediately saw the electronic medical records technology that I had first seen in Haiti. Each patient’s medical record is created using a photograph to ensure accurate identification. This is especially important in these types of crisis situations. Language barriers, loss of documentation and the fact that patients have arrived from all over would result in a nightmare if the patients weren’t properly identified.

Smart. Sophisticated. Secure. This was what I had experienced with the IDF before. But now I was impressed with something else: the place they had selected. This wasn’t a site where trauma surgeons were needed — those injuries in other towns were being addressed. What the people of Bogo needed was good, solid medical care. They were already living in poverty when the typhoon decimated their fragile infrastructure.

I asked the IDF Surgeon General in charge why they chose Bogo. He said it was because they were poor and their needs were great. As I left, I walked away in awe of this group of doctors: physician humanitarians, and medicine at its very best

The most moral army in the world.

Update: And here she is on the Today Show (hat tip: Avi).

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  • Jewess

    The greatest, strongest, most compassionate, most successful, and selfless soldiers in the history of the world. Thank you to each and every one who serves Israel so proudly in the IDF. You are our heroes and we appreciate you, support you, and remember you in our prayers every day.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    Good to see American media covering something that doesn’t have an explicit American angle. There is a natural interest among Americans in the Philippines since it is a former American colony with many Filipinos living here.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    As a result 25 colleges will now have speakers condemning the Zionist occupation of the Philippines. Most of the House of Lords will rise up screaming that the Jews are harvesting livers and kidneys. The UN will pass 40 condemnations of the Jews..well, for being Jewish.

    • Asher

      Just like last time…

  • cba

    Here’s a comment on the ToI article First baby born in IDF field hospital in Philippines named ‘Israel’:

    In 2010 after Haiti earthquake I wrote on another forum commenting Israel’s hasbara show: “In days like those after the earthquake every help is appreciated but nothing is more humiliating to the victims and disgusting than taking an advantage of human misery for self promotion and personal gains. This could have been a beautiful gesture if it wasn’t for the motives behind it, you just couldn’t help yourself and turned this chance to a shameless hasbara spectacle” ,…

    • Predictor92

      To the anti-Israel activists, everything Israel does most be related to the “occupation”. My answer to them is this, what was the last Israeli election mostly about(domestic issues).
      Israelis do it out of Tikun Olam, it’s a obligation to help those in need. That’s why Israel treated 219,000 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza in 2012, despite the PA not paying as they are supposed to. If their was an practical motive that is outside of tikun olam, it would be that it helps prepare the IDF for the eventuality of another bad wild fire or an earthquake(since the Jordan valley is a rift valley, a fault)

      • cba

        I agree, but would phrase it slightly differently: Whatever Israel does is bad. If Israel does something that would be considered good (or even wonderful) if someone else did it, then it must be because Israel is doing it with evil motives or for some nefarious purpose that is hidden from all but the JewZionist-hater.

    • fightreinla

      You pitiful person. Your hatred of Judaism and Israel is so deeply ingrained in your psyche, that you must turn even a humanitarian and life saving act by Israel into a suspicious and self-serving event.

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