Scenes From A Hamas Rally: WTF Edition

When they’re not abusing children or humanitarian organizations, Hamas rallies often give us some hilarious bits.

The following images were taken from this Photobucket album:

Here’s a TV van, and a legit one at that, but one cannot overlook the domestic A/C external unit mounted on the roof of the van.


In this photo, I suspect the guy on the right is going to have a hard time pressing the trigger, seeing as he’s missing his right hand.

Hamas gun man with no hand enhanced

Note: We’ve lightened the area around his stump to make it clear there is no hand hidden in the shadow.

Last but not least, when all else fails, zip-ties!

zip tie

The last image is obviously a lousy crop job, and Ambrosine helped me find the original image:

When all else fails

WTF indeed!


Judge Dan

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