Seth MacFarlane Tweet Attracts The Antisemites and Israel Haters

I am guessing he was trying to be funny, but this tweet by Family guy creator Seth MacFarlane was just asking for trouble.

Here are some examples of the kinds of responses to this question, which I cannot call unexpected.








What I have not seen at all is even one pro palestinian response that involves the desire for peace, or even the return of territories captured in the Six Day War.

So Seth, with views like this, there is little chance of solving the conflict at all, let alone in 140 chars.

Update: For the record, here is where MacFarlane stands on Israel.

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  • fizziks

    I’ve been a fan of MacFarlane’s comedy, but I’ve noticed he really doesn’t have much profound to say when it comes to politics and current events. This is another example – if he wasn’t aware that the Tweet would generate a heap of messed-up responses, he really isn’t paying attention.

  • Jim_from_Iowa

    I agree that Seth McFarlane would be well-advised to steer clear of sensitive issues about which he may know little or nothing. I have no idea what his political sentiments are on Israel or on any other issue for that matter, but I feel the same way about celebrities like Jon Voigt on the right or Joy Behar on the left. Because we live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, and therefore, what Seth McFarlane says might have more impact on the public than he should, best for him to just say nothing.

  • Travis

    As funny as a colonoscopy.

  • Travis

    Natalie Daphne sounds like while imbibing the lattes at Starbucks she also ate a lot of left wing crap from her professors.

    • deedee

      She probably read the same Edward Said article that I was forced to read for my “anti-oppression” class. Something about the irony of the ‘Jews doing the same to others that was done to them’ just 60 years earlier. Now tell us the one about how you ‘grew up in Jerusalem’, Edward.

    • Dan

      “Jews doing the same to others that was done to them”.

      This one just makes my blood boil. If your leaders and most of your people collaborated with Hitler himself and continue to worship him as a hero, then you have NO right to say this. Period.

  • Travis

    Come to think of it, that was a peculiar tweet by McFarlane. i strongly suspect he got he responses he wanted and he is not exactly the sharpest guy out there.

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