Naked Truth About Real Photos of Arab Girls

Ah, come on!

Pooh on this Pew Report!  (HT @Amirmizroch)

What hypocrisy!

How they prefer women to cover up in public in Muslim countries?!

Ok,  Malala Yousofzai got FLOTUS and First daughter to dress modestly when she was invited to the White House.

But, I really thought I was going to be shut down as a porn site after I posted,

 15 Real Photos of Arab Girls  on The Real Jerusalem Streets.

First there were:












hugeroundbutts and kasaerotika,

just a few of the “cleaner” sites that I discovered and would even consider to write down the names of to save.

There were dozens of websites that I learned about that were too lewd to record.

And who could imagine there could be so many different spellings of nude and girl and combinations?

Thanks to Google Search, I have seen:

“niked pix”

“arab hot poto”

neduarabian girls’


“arb voyeurisn picture”

“pictur ful bare women”

“arabid hot girl without cloth photo”

“girel” “nood”

“naked lebanese woman”

“niked pix”

“pastio hot girls images neud”

“sode arbe garl hot poto” to list a few recent ones.

From Saudi Arabia, there have been over 7,000 views for Real Photos of Arab Girls ,

India over 13,000 (ok, there are billions of people in India), and even 4 from Iran.

There has been at least one view from countries around the world, including Benin, Cuba, Libya, Malawi and Myanmar.

And then Saudi men say women wearing makeup is the problem?

They have the nerve to blame women for molestation?

Pooh, Pew!

 Men from Muslim countries may want their women covered in public,

but they are looking for naked women and PORN all night.


And that is the problem!

About Real Jstreets

I lived in the United States, Canada and Australia before moving to Israel in the midst of the Second Lebanon War. For the last seven years, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the scenes I saw every day did not resemble the ones familiar in the Western media. Now I try to share those positive images with the world, what is really happening in Jerusalem, Israel, The Real Jerusalem Streets

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Facebook Comments

  • J B

    Yes, it’s a funny thing. I think it was Elder of Ziyon that pointed out that his posts about your “real arab girls” photos were among the most popularly visited on his site. It was immediately obvious why that was.
    So, your inadvertent bait and switch has been the most effective hasbara ever, perfectly targeting the young male Arab Muslim world and showing them a truth that they would never have discovered otherwise. I almost wondered if you’d done it that way on purpose.

    • Real Jstreets

      Thanks, I did not know that about Elder of Ziyon! Confession, the best viral days were for Israeli Apartheid? photos of Arab women. So I did try for girls the next year for ‘Apartheid Week’ post. I did not know it would have such staying power with Google though. And yep, the next year with Arab men was not a winner in terms of views, even with BDS theme. It really was a photo of an Arab girl that got me doing this. Will be interesting to see how this post goes, I have been thinking of doing it for very long time.

      • J B

        It may not have been him. I have not been able to find the post to verify my memories.
        But I definitely read something on one of the pro-Israel blogs in reference to your photos that said there was an above-average amount of traffic coming from Arab countries ending up at the posts which showed “arab girls”.
        So, I’m fuzzy on the precise details, but my point still stands.

  • juvanya

    Well its because they are so sexually repressed, they turn to porn and homosexual acts they wouldnt otherwise. Arab and Indian men tend to be extremely pervy (so Ive learned from female friends).

  • Poop

    Very nice!

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  • seeme

    Well Arab men have zero control over themselves which is why those dirty slutty women must cover their shameful baby makers and obviously the Jew run porn empire tricked them with Kabbalah Majicks to stray from Allah’s holy commands which are non-negotiable and never wrong. Why don’t you try to understand Islam before you judge what a muslim does, typical zionist.

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