Ali Abunimah Picks On Husband Of New York Times Reporter

Electronic Intifada founder Ali “Abumination” Abunimah just can’t seem to suppress his hatred.

Yesterday, he picked on Gary Rudoren – the husband of the Jerusalem bureau chief of The New York Times, Jody Rudoren – for a very innocuous post on Facebook.

Here is the Facebook post in question.

Note how Abunimah characterizes any Jew who immigrates to anywhere Israel: as a “racially privileged settler in Palestine.” In other words, he sees all Jewish residents of Israel as “settlers”, and the entirety of Israel as “Palestine.” Which, of course, jives with his praise for Hamas.

But more than that, Abunimah is being patently dishonest. Rudoren was not articulating that he was about to make aliyah (not that there’s anything wrong with it), but was rather making a humorous point about inconsiderate parkers in Israel. One needn’t be aware that Rudoren is no stranger to comedy to surmise this was the meaning behind the post.

So what we have is yet another example of Abunimah’s desire for the end of Israel, not to mention his outright dishonesty.

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Facebook Comments

  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    You would think that Ali ibn-kelbi would want to encourage NYT Jews like the Rudorens to make aliyah, in order to strengthen the “Surrender” Meretz/Labour Coalition.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    What did Abunimah say in response to Rudoren’s post? I cannot see that at all.

    Of course, the real irony is that this will completely go over Ms. Rudoren’s head.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Rudoren’s own views of Israel are out in the open in that very same tweet. They are barely better than those of Hamas.

    • deedee

      Yes, the contempt is palpable.

    • Jim_from_Iowa

      You got that impression in a tweet of less than 140 characters focusing primarily on inconsiderate parking? You’re either terribly insightful or you’re looking for a fight, Wombat.

      • E Pluribus Wombat

        Generally speaking, someone who’s job and career it is use words for political purpose should have the merest insight that words indeed matter. Or, they don’t and ‘new media’ and all the people who champion it are nothing more than 8th graders randomly banging out whatever half formed insane trolling pops into their head from one minute to the next.

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  • סרחיו מספרד

    Ali Abumination only knows about hatred. I once sent him one tweet, telling him he was lying. Then he blocked me!

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