“Anti-Racism” Palestinian Students President Mohammad Hammad Slurs All Israelis

Remember Mohammad Hammad, the San Francisco State University General Union of Palestinian Students president who expressed genocidal views against Israelis? He subsequently defended his posts, claiming, among other things, that he stands “firmly against racism, regardless who the target is.”

Well, here he is posting on Facebook about Scarlett Johannson.

hammad fb

Besides describing her as a “piece of trash”, note how he characterizes all Israelis.

That’s made funnier because only someone as depraved as an Israeli would take you up on that offer Nadhir

Actually, what is really funny is that a guy who posted a pic of himself holding a knife, expressing his desire to stab people, would call anyone else “depraved.”

And yes, I realize “Israeli” is not a race, but you’d have to believe someone standing firmly against racism would have a real problem with making such slurs against an entire group of people.

But as I have already posted, Mohammad Hammad is not only full of hate.

He’s full of sh*t.

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  • cba

    Are comments back… this is a test.

    • cba


  • Hard Little Machine

    He seems to have an ‘issue’ with women in general. Prol’ doesn’t go that way.

  • Art Deco

    It is evidence of the silliness of our immigration laws that this repellant individual is resident here.

  • Lucy

    Israelis are not a race, but if he doesn’t condemn Israeli-Arabs owning companies there… then he is racist.

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    As we know, prejudices are okay when it comes to Israel and Israelis (but only Jewish Israelis).
    That man is a piece of trash.