“We Love SodaStream. We Need SodaStream.”

Granted, there has been no shortage of coverage of the SodaStream-Oxfam controversy (especially on Israellycool), but this next news report is worth viewing, if only to hear from more SodaStream workers in support of their employer, as well as some more great sound bytes from SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum (hat tip: Aryeh).

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  • cba

    Nice piece (although I was rather distracted–and somewhat amused–by the reporter pronouncing “Oxfam” as “Ox-faahm”… maybe he doesn’t realise it’s derived from “Oxford Famine Relief”).

    It won’t convince the haters, though. They’ll just say the workers in the video were coerced into saying that, or some such.

  • Steve Loeb

    Yes CBA you are exactly right however more and more sunlight, more and more difficult it becomes to continue to sell a lie that prevents “normalization” which should be the benchmark for peace and yet its what so many are so fearful about because it undermines their real goal – to show coexistence is impossible and to take down Israel.

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