BDS Fail Of The Day: Do-It-Yourself Home Bomb Edition


This next video contains the discernible lack of talent you’d expect from a BDSHole video, but throw in some bonus child endangerment for good measure.

Ball lock, hose, clamps…no wonder they are called the BDSM.

Update: I have to laugh at some of the comments to this video.

sanych6 days ago

I wrote my comment, slept on it, but could not forget that little boy’s face in front of the plastic bottle. Had his father priced glass eyes in addition to the pictured set-up? Of course, as MasterCard commercial says, memories are priceless…

What presented in this video is a pure child endangerment.

sanych6 days ago

Check out @2:07 how the girl jumps, when the CO2 at 3,500 PSI from a steel cylinder is transferred to a plastic bottle. Sooner or later this bottle will explode.

This contraption is very dangerous. There will be an explosion at some point that will result in very bad injuries. And there are kids around it!!!

Are you really that stupid? And I am not referring to putting your own kids in danger. I mean having Blummy’s book poster on your fridge door…


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