Saeb Erekat’s Declaration

Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat has made the following declaration:

“I hereby declare, in the make of President Mahmoud Abbas and the directorate of Fatah, that Hamas is a Palestinian movement, and is not and never was a terror group

Let’s analyse this for a moment.

I hereby declare

shmuel hanavi 2003

in the make of President Mahmoud Abbas


and the directorate of Fatah

rosh ha'ir

that Hamas

mehola junction

is a Palestinian movement

Jerusalem 2002 bus

and is not


and never was







Afula 1994



May their memories be a blessing.







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  • dcomplex

    May god avenge their blood HY”D

  • dcomplex

    May god avenge their blood HY”D

  • Hard Little Machine

    A better approach is to pay no more mind to what the Arabs have to say about anything than to a dog sitting under the dinner table mooching for a handout.

    • Rukhama

      I do pay attention to my cats and dogs when they beg under the table. They deserve a handout too. The Arabs don’t deserve the time of day. So I’d replace your “no more” with “much less”.

      • Hard Little Machine

        If you feed your dogs people food from the table all they will ever do is mooch and beg and never leave you alone and have the dog equivalent of an eating disorder.

        • Rukhama

          No, because my dogs and cats are not like Arabs. They mostly eat their own food from their own bowls. They know that they get only little bits at the table, and they know when we’re not giving them anymore. And sometimes they don’t get anything from the table, if we’re eating something that is bad for them.

          • Hard Little Machine

            You don’t own beagles.

            • Rukhama

              You’re right; I don’t. But I have a papillon and a Chow-Lab mix.

  • wingdings

    What can one expect from a halfwit who considers himself as a descendent of the Cana’anites though stemming provably from a Saudi Arab tribe….. if it wasn’t so serious it would be extremely ridiculous! Whom is he going to convince?

  • wingdings

    How about taking him to ICC for that?

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