Photo Of The Day: Apartheid Fail At The Showers

Two for the price of one: Apartheid fail and Only in Israel!

I saw this posted by Mohammed in Montreal, a Palestinian Arab supporter of Israel’s right to exist on Facebook this morning. There are many so-called supporters of the Palestinian cause who’d do well to heed his words.

muslim covered and jewish bikini woman showering apartheid fail

He added this text:

Any difference ?

1- Yes Both women are humans.
2- Yes Both women using an automatic equal distribution water shower system
3- Yes Both women were swimming in exact same sea
4- Yes Both women are using the exact water distribution system
5- Yes Both women are receiving the same amount of water
6- Yes Both women are getting same temperature of water
7- Yes Both women enjoyed their stay at the dead sea
8- Yes Both women are equal Israeli citizens
9- Yes Both women had equal access to the dead sea
10- Yes Both women enjoyed their time

So what’s the difference ?????

The only difference is that the women on the left is an Israeli arab muslim and the one on the right is an Israeli jewish woman. Is that a big difference for you ???? Does it bother you ?? Apartheid ? You got to be stupid blind to think so !

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