The Jerk From Turkey Has Beef With Protester

Turkey’s Erdogan (hereby crowned “Terdogan”) has been caught on video slapping a protester and screaming an anti-Israel slur.

Turkey’s embattled Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan screamed an anti-Israel slur at a Turkish citizen, local media reported on Thursday.

“Why are you running away from me Israeli sperm,” Erdoğan reportedly said, using a Turkish word that is used as a curse.

The incident took place as the premier toured the western city of Soma which was recently devastated by a coal mine fire that left close to 300 people dead.

The thing is, “Israeli sperm” is likely a heck of a lot healthier than his.

Yep, never gets old.

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  • ScottAdler


    He probably had the horse beaten to death afterward.

  • udi yogev

    The man was probably raised on Israel hatred.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Did he blame the coal mine disaster on the Jews yet?

  • walt kovacs

    all muslims hate the jew

    • Resist_We_Much_10

      No. The subhuman Mohammedan hate Almighty G-d.

      That’s why they hate Jews who represent G-d. (Note that the subhuman Mohammedan love so-called Jews like Judith Butler, George Soros, Yousef al-Khatab and Adam Gadahn. As fellow pagans, they feel a profound kinship.)

      The global Left also hates monotheistic Christians and humans of all stripes. Again, its nothing personal: they just hate G-d.

  • Travis

    Obama’s BFF. When they are alone the anti-Semtic slurs, innuendos, and double entendres must fly.

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