Pallywood Productions Present Beitunia


We haven’t really covered the “shooting” video which was sent out to the world after a few days being edited by various anti-Israel NGOs. Elder of Zion has been covering it in huge detail and if you want to really get into the details look here.

This 6 min video, however, has a nice deconstruction and presents just some of the problems with the video. Do watch toward the end where they show the various practices and run throughs that the actors and directors in this work of fiction had to go through before coming up with something to show the world.

BTW, if you think this kind of thing is new, think again. The Nazis were sending round fake films to rile up the Arabs in 1938!

Finally, if you’ve got the stomach for it, here is a video of what it really looks like to be shot. There’s a lot of blood so viewer discretion is advised.

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