Tamir Yacobi “Breaks The Silence”

Tamir Yacobi with MK Danny Danon

Tamir Yacobi with MK Danny Danon

I recently stumbled upon this guy, Tamir Yacobi, while scanning my Facebook news feed for interesting content. Turns out that he attended a “Breaking The Silence” event in Tel Aviv recently, to give his testimony.

However, he ended up “Breaking The Silence” on the entire lot of them there by his opening words simply being too positive for their liking. He started to give his testimony about his experiences in the IDF and moments after he started talking, he was demanded to leave the stage and then casually frog marched off of it by 2 hired security guys. That single moment proved the complete bias and hypocrisy of far-left wing Israeli organizations such as “Breaking The Silence” – they didn’t even bother to let him complete his testimony, at least for the purposes of being fair.

If you are confused, Mr Yacobi is Pro-Israel and merely wanted to expose this organization for the hypocrites they are, by giving his truthful testimony and only that.

So I decided to make contact with him and he granted me permission to copy his video to my Youtube account, for the purposes of adding English subtitles to it.

This is what took place.

Does this seem fair to you?

His full testimony can be seen here!

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Facebook Comments

  • Travis

    Is this the campus of Columbia University or Israel?

    • http://www.israelmuse.com/ Israel Muse

      Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I am all in favor of breaking the silence of “Breaking the Silence,” particularly when it comes to the source of its funding.

  • joelsk44039

    Sounds as though “Breaking the Silence” should really be called “Breaking Wind.” (…which might be used as renewable energy!!)

    • http://www.israelmuse.com/ Israel Muse

      HAHAH :) yeh true!

  • walt kovacs

    here is akiva bigman’s analysis of bts


  • rsfan1

    I’m in the U.S. so I can’t grasp their (BTS) influence. Can an Israeli tell me how influential BTS and Peace Now and any other far-left group in Israel is? Do they have large memberships? Are they gaining strength?

    Just wondering…

    • http://www.israelmuse.com/ Israel Muse

      The far-Left are small in Israel but they kick up enough of a fuss and make enough noise to be noticed and are influential in many ways but their support is growing rapidly or anything like that. A lot of people have woken up since activists on social media have shown the hypocrisies of these organizations. Those who support them blindly would support them blindly regardless and have personal issues themselves, most have common sense in Israel and know the situation very well. BTS do have events abroad too, such as in South Africa where they tried to give a talk at my old Jewish Zionist day school in Cape Town, I don’t think they were allowed to in the end (though I may be wrong).

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