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Was Re-establishing Jewish Israel A Mistake?

It would seem that a great many people adamantly think so.

Fact: Anti-Zionism And Antisemitism Are Inseparable

“Strong correlation between anti-Zionist student groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and antisemitism.”

Reader Post: Our Flawed Response To The “European Colonialism” Libel

Reader Binyamin rebuts the "white European colonialism" myth

Fighting For Israel On Campus, Is Hillel Up To The Task?

It may have never been more dangerous for Jewish students on American college campuses than it is right now. Is it time to consider a new model in defending Jewish students and advocating for the Jewish state?

Joe’s World: Anti-Zionists

The Anti-Zionists have some very colourful friends these days

Joe’s World: The New Nazis?

Not so different from the old Nazis...

Reader Post: How To Debate Anti-Zionists – From a Progressive/Left Wing Perspective

Reader Binyamin has some steps to help you become a better advocate for Israel

Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Rally In Berlin

If you are Pro-Hamas, you are Pro-Jew Hatred...It's a proven fact.

Reader Post: Jews and Race – The “Skin Color” Argument in Anti-Israel Discourse

Reader Binyamin explains the "Jews are white people" mantra of the Left

Tamir Yacobi “Breaks The Silence”

Now this is how you "Break the silence"!

Bruin Baral Beats BDS Bullies

Jewish candidate targeted by anti-Israel opponents wins UCLA election.

Reader Post: The Unholy Mix of Leftism, Zionism, and Judaism

The College Rabbi takes issue with an article by new Al Jizz contributor Rabbi Ari Hart
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