Are These Muslim Kids Making That Disgusting “Three Shalits” Gesture On The Temple Mount?

It is bad enough that Jews are not allowed to pray on Har Habayit, the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

It is even worse that Muslims can go up there and do as they please, including making a gesture celebrating the terrorist kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers.

three shalits temple mount

Although I guess theoretically they are just celebrating Mohammed Assaf, who won Arab Idol.

A year ago.

Update: Now posted with pride on at least one Arab Facebook page.

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Facebook Comments

  • Joel

    If you look carefully, you’ll notice that many (more than 3) can’t even figure out how to hold up 3 fingers – perfect candidates for bomb making school

    • Nader Hanna

      I did notice that…kinda weird.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    How can the Temple Mount be the holiest site when the government profanes it by allowing the Waqf full jurisdiction over it and the rabbinical establishment says and does nothing about it?

    • Nader Hanna

      still relegated to a wall…with a gold dome abomination. Even after winning Jerusalem back. You could not write this stuff. What sort of entity would switch Isaac and Ishmael and make a religion out of it? Thank G-d this Palestinian was born a Christian. Makes me sick seeing kids employed in the campaign.

    • walt kovacs

      that is what happens when secular jews were the leaders at the time of the 6 day war

      dayan thought he was doing something good that would bring peace

      dayan was an idiot

      • Norman_In_New_York

        I would cut Dayan a bit of slack here. I believe he was importuned by the rabbinate to leave the Temple Mount untouched, that only the moshiach could liberate the Mount for Jewish worship. If they had called for full jurisdiction, it would have been hard for him to say no.

      • Nader Hanna

        I could not agree with you more, Walt.

  • Nader Hanna

    as a Palestinian American-Christian, I cannot imagine employing kids in such a campaign. Makes me kinda sick the more I think about it. No matter WTF happened, it takes a real sick bunch to impart this sick joy to kids. Thank G-d I follow the master who has a very pointed message to those “who would do anything unto these little ones.”

    • AussieDave

      I appreciate your comments, Nader. Did you ever live in Israel?

      • Nader Hanna

        no…born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA

  • rulierose

    how is this allowed? Israel is so concerned with appearing “fair” that they’re becoming suicidal. doesn’t the Israeli government understand that they’re never going to do enough to get the haters to stop hating? how could the “Arab Street” be any more hateful toward Israel than it is now? Bibi, you need to stop this craziness.

  • walt kovacs


    there is another arab idol contest and they all love number 3

    and if you believe that….ive got some prim beach front property to sell ya in gaza

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  • dcomplex

    Wipe them out with the dome of the rock.

    • Nader Hanna

      a little harsh…

      • dcomplex

        Not all the Arabs, just these Nazi youth.

        • Nader Hanna

          The Islamic World needs an awakening to the Bible.

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