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A Hint As To What Jewish Freedom of Worship Would Look Like Under a...

In case you cannot imagine what religious freedom would look if, G-d forbid, the palestinians were in control of what they consider "Palestine"

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day

Now this is what I call an "own goal"!

When Dirt Is More Precious Than Diamonds

While the Jews weep, the palestinians who want to 'liberate their land' and make it 'free,' continue to celebrate every bit of destruction they unleash

Palestinian Libel of the Day: Drugs Are Bad, Mmmmkay?

From the ever reliably unreliable Quds News Network

WATCH: Jews Ascending the Temple Mount Met with Toddlers With Plastic Knives

Arab mothers equip their toddlers with plastic knives to practice butchering Jews on the Temple Mount

WATCH: How The Palestinian “Cat Man” Story Should Have Been Represented

Yesterday's palestinian "Cat Man" story really inspired me - to mock it even more! Heck, I cannot resist a ridiculous propaganda attempt

Hilarious Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Cat Man!

Meet Ghassan Refai, or, as he is known to others, Abu Haraira (Father of the Kittens). But that's not even the hilarious part.

Ironic Anti-Israel Post of the Day

You just have to love this

WATCH: Palestinian Child Abuse of The Day

Palestinian boys fire toy guns at IDF soldiers on the Temple Mount

Wakf Admits Israel Did Not Steal Anything During Recent Raid

But don't take out the flying pig just yet.

To Whom Is The Temple Mount Holiest?

Do the math

WATCH: Muslim Boy Strikes Israeli Soldier

A sick society that thrives on child abuse.

WATCH: Young American Man Scratches His Head Over Temple Mount Events

Just a no-thrills V-log, by a young American man trying to make sense of events in Israel


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