Mohammad Zoabi Rips Hanin Zoabi

Future Israeli Prime Minister Mohammed Zoabi rips his traiterous relative Hanin Zoabi a new one.

After the threats on his life.

Bonus: In three languages!

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  • Comrade X

    Translation would be really cool for us lesser monolinguals! Kid seems pretty shit hot though. :)

    • Rdl88

      It is spoken in the exact language you posted your request :)

    • Rosenberg

      He said the same thing in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. What other translations do you want?

      • Orryia Kohen

        He didn’t say the exact same things, but there weren’t significant differences either.

    • Shawn Peters

      Chris Hansen would like to ask you to have a seat right over there

  • Eric

    His English is impeccable as well. He’s got a serious future.

  • Dee

    I hope this brave guy can get into the keneset or any other pro Israel advocacy group one day soon .
    If there is any one with influence listening, please help this guy .

    Stay safe strong & safe our friend.

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