Reader Post: Why EU Is Worthless And Why US Should Be Concerned

euIn response to the ongoing violence in Israel, the European Union’s Ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, has shown the utter incompetence of the EU to the Middle East.

“As promised in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, it would immediately lead to Israel’s recognition by the Arab world.”

Has anyone ever believed an Arab country in regards to recognition of Israel – considering that Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, PLO, ISIS and other “Israel-friendly” terror groups all openly call for terrorist activities toward Israel, as well as a complete annihilation of the State.

To further the problem, the EU has recognized a Palestinian state, when no such entity exists, offering it a MEMBERSHIP in the European Union.

“The EU understands that it is essential for Israel to ensure that the future Palestinian state will not be a failed state. Therefore, all 28 EU foreign ministers have offered an unprecedented and tailor-made package of support for a peace agreement in the form of a Special Privileged Partnership. This could include, depending on Israeli aspirations, enhanced market access or even progressive market integration, security cooperation or institutionalized political dialogue. In short, it could take EU-Israel relations to a level that is next to EU membership, similar to the EU’s relations with Norway or Switzerland. The EU extended a similar offer to the Palestinians, fully aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that the future partnership would be negotiated with both partners according to needs and ambitions, in order to stretch the potential for cooperation to the maximum, including trilateral European-Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.”

In essence, the European Union has made the decision for the UN, United States and Israel that “Palestine” exists. It’s good to know. Except it doesn’t. The governing body known as the Palestinian Authority is autonomous within Israel and it’s borders (Israel’s borders to be discussed in a later article). It self governs parts of Israel. As of now, there is no disastrous Two-State Solution. Israel’s security is at major risk.

The reader may ask, “Why should the US be concerned?” Excellent question. When other governing bodies make rash decisions and offer recognition to terrorist backed non-States, its gives the legitimacy to terrorists. As well, when the EU offered this “package” deal, the US has no choice but to comply. Does the US really want to start trading with a terrorist country, threatening its only ally in the Middle East? What happens with the American-Israel relationship when a fully fledged entity known as “Palestine” actually exists?

As Americans, this path should concern you. As human beings, this path should make you cry.

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  • SoreHeed

    I wouldn’t worry about Palestine being part of the EU. There are a number of criteria before acceptance. And I’ve got the sneaky feeling that none are met. Especially rule of law, democracy, equal rights and……engaging in terrorist acts.

    In the UK we continually mock the EU for their interference in our affairs such as how we treat prisoners for example with reguards to the EU human rights act.

    The EU human rights act is the most stringent on the planet…maybe too beaurocratic even and any acceptance into the EU would included acceptance of the EU human rights act………can you see Hamas embracing gay rights?

    • J B

      You should be right, of course, but I wouldn’t put it past the Europeans to accept platitudes, expressed not in Arabic, of “we accept all people’s rights to live with peace and justice” as qualification enough, if only out of the “goodness” of their “humanitarian” hearts.

    • Hard Little Machine

      There are different rules for ‘palestinians’ than for anyone else. Moreover, the EU would of course allow them all to remain classified as ‘refugees’ even were they all to become EU nationals. On the other hand, I’d like to see this new ‘palestine’ in turn offer up its own ‘citizenship’ to any and all Arabs and Turks everywhere that way they can be transitively granted EU status by default. But remember, normal rules never apply to ‘palestinians’. Of course Hamas would be allowed to execute gays in the streets of London. That’s what they’re there for.

    • Martin

      Don’t be sure of that. The EU can not be trusted in any way. In the Netherlands we have a saying: “If Mohammed doesn’t come to the mountain, the mountain is coming to Mohammed”. They are bending and twisting in any way they can to get what the EU wants.

      “Say NO to the EU.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    The EU has to play a very close game. On the one hand they’d love to welcome the ‘palestinians’ in to wipe out the remaining Jews of Europe. On the other hand, providing 100% financial support to maintain an EU level life style to a few million more angry helpless useless freeloaders is not something they can easily get done. I suspect they will punt and allow the ‘palestinians’ open ended free citizenship in any EU member state w/o actually adding their fake-state to the list of EU member nations. Those member states that welcome in these ‘palestinians’ will soon find that having them on-site is not optimal so they will amend the law to permit them citizenship at a distance, that is, EU welfare benefits w/o them having to actually be on the ground in an EU state.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The EU leadership and bureaucracy has long hoped that the Arabs could succeed where Hitler failed in finally solving their Jewish problem for them. Israel has to say a loud no and back it with appropriate deeds, such as its nascent alliance with the Kurds.

    By the way, the new secretary general of the EU is a notorious alcoholic and is known as Juncker the Drunker.

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