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Imran Khan

Imran Khan’s Conflation of Blasphemy With Holocaust Denial Backfires

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan equated denial of the Holocaust and genocide to criticism of Islam's Prophet

Photo of the Day: Dip Edition

As noticed by many people on Twitter

We Need More Jewishness In Israel

Israel under it’s ongoing “wonky” political leadership has a nebulous goal of peace.

WATCH: Brian Talks Brexit Again

Various different Brexit media appearances.

UK Increasing Budget For EUBAM Monitors Who Left Gaza Border In 2007

This crack team of eurocrats has been on perpetual standby for almost a decade!

WATCH: The Mahmoud Abbas EU Water Libel Lies

Video version of the Mahmoud Abbas self created water libel lie at the EU.

WATCH: Brian Has i24News For Brexit

I’ve voted for Brexit: on i24 News I explain some of my thinking.

Anti-Semites Of The World – Rejoice!

There is no point in leaders of the free world condemning antisemitism when they themselves contribute so much towards it.

Billions For Palestinian Authority Goes To Terrorists

The precise money trail from EU, UK and other foreign donors to the hands of convicted murdering terrorists.

WATCH: The Continuing Conquest And Colonisation Of Israel By The EU

Taking a closer look at EU’s attempt to establish a new empire in Israel.

The Illegal Conquest And Colonisation Of Israel By The EU

If agents of a foreign government decided to steal land and illegally build in your country claiming diplomatic immunity when you object, would you accept it?
image land in Israel

Stop The Violation Of International Law!

It's time to stop the violation of international law!

Israel Is Not America: Stop Treating Her That Way!

Refusing to acknowledge Israel's unique situation puts us all in grave danger
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