Richard Silverstein Praises Hamas And Endorses Palestinian Terrorism Against Israelis

Screenshot-ed for your “pleasure” in case he tries to amend his post (as he has done in the past).

silverstein resistance1


Let’s chalk up the gratuitous swipe at Hamas–since that movement appears more disciplined,  and consistent than the settlers who dominate Israeli political discourse and their henchmen who murder little Palestinian boys–to Harel’s liberal Zionism.  To his inability to acknowledge that Palestinian nationalism that aggressively resists Israeli Occupation is legitimate. That’s his problem, not Hamas’.

One need not wonder too hard what this “aggressive resistance” might entail.

Meanwhile, this pathological hater of Israel continues to insult people’s intelligence.

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  • A F

    If you look carefully, Amos Harel did not confirm what Silverstein is claiming.
    Silverstein is claiming that the Israeli police did it *deliberately* by saying the words “plant rumor”. Harel is saying “the police disseminated unfounded speculation”. It is not clear from that that Harel thinks that it was done *deliberately* it could be that he is simply saying the police were being irresponsible.
    In fact, from what I initially read in the media, the police simply said they were investigating all possible angles and said what those angles were (honor killing or revenge killing).
    In that light, what Amos Harel is saying is merely *his* opinion and may or may not be correct.

    • A F

      Here is an example of how this incident was initially reported on July 1st:

      “Jerusalem police chief Yossi Parienti called on the public to “exercise restraint” and not jump to conclusions regarding the motive for killing, saying investigators had yet to determine whether it was “nationalistic or criminal.”

      So, in other words, what the police actually said can be summed up as “don’t jump to conclusions and we’re currently investigating all possibilities”.

    • walt kovacs

      the rumor started on social media….not with the israeli police

      ez rumor to spread with the selfie and a pic of the kid in a dress

  • Norman_In_New_York

    How predictable. And the sun also sets in the western sky.

  • Gerald

    “You don’t know s(^t about me or my views.”
    That is all you need to know about Silverstein and his views.
    Both are full of sh*t.

    • dabney_c

      “You don’t know s(^t about me or my views.”
      Oh, and here I thought your blog – in which you express your views for all to read – was a clue.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would like to send him a Hamas flag and a Nazi flag. Is there an address anyone knows?

    • satlan420

      Richard M. Silverstein, 1110 37th Ave Seattle, WA 98122 phone: (206)324-7549

      • Hard Little Machine


  • Shimona from the Palace

    This is really no surprise, since Silverslime opposes the very existence of Israel as a Jewish state and wishes to see it disappear from the map. He has admitted as much in the past.

    • walt kovacs

      he opposes the very existence of jews as a people

  • 12

    another cowardly Jew who is looking to make a name for himself and looking to make a living while siding with the enemies of the Jews, he should have the same fate as any of the Islamic terrorists the Israelis are forced to kill to survive

    • Shimona from the Palace

      “Jew” should be in quotation marks, whenever applied to Silverslime. Because we only have his word for it that he is – and we all know how much his word is worth…

  • CableLegend

    The events of the past month have really highlighted where Silverstein’s allegiances are; all one needs to do is look at his responses to the abduction/murder of the three Israelis compared to the abduction/murder of the Palestinian and that will tell you all there is to know about the man.

  • Yoni

    And in his recent tweets he refers to the Israeli operation “mighty cliff”(?) as a way to distract from the killing of the Arab teen. Nothing about rockets, Hamas, about hundreds of thousand of Israelis in bomb shelters. Nothing.

    • Yoni

      Check out his post (“operation…begins”) on the operation. Not one word about the rockets.

  • walt kovacs

    the futbol hooligans, like futbol hooligans all over the world, have allegiance to no one

    want to make world peace? replace that disgusting excuse for a sport with baseball

  • Yoni

    Ha you have to see this. Silvershmuck had a live feed of Gaza city in his post, I guess to show Gaza being destroyed in real-time. But if you played it, nothing was happening. It looked like a peaceful city and you heard some cars beeping etc. So he took it down and now there’s a new picture with the caption “Gaza is burning”

  • steven

    Would anyone really expect anything different for slitherstein.If however he endeavors to look like Mrs Barbara Bush he going to have to look a lot prettier

  • Kim

    not only does Silverstein endorse terrorism, he actually displays homophobia again.

    first Silverstein complains that right wing Israelis allegedly blamed the victim for his death because the right wing Israelis thought that he was gay (conveniently Silverstein forgets to link any sources to back up the claim that the right wing Israelis said something along those lines) but then Silverstein himself classifies the hypothesis that the victim may be gay as a “smear”.

    So it seems that Silverstein himself thinks the way he accuses rightwing Israelis to do.

  • Travis

    The soft and flabby features of a well fed and girlie-man appeaser.

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