What It’s Like To Be Outside Under Rocket Fire

CaptureThis is something millions of Israelis experience on a daily basis in certain parts of Israel…

Not everyone is sitting at home in their bomb shelters because life goes on…however, random rockets are fired indiscriminately in different parts of the country all day long, so most people get caught outside!

It is frightening believe me, I live like this too!

Would you accept living like this?

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South African born Israeli Zionist Jew on a lifetime mission...lover of Freedom, Goldstar, Hummus and the most moral army which has ever existed, the IDF. He also blogs here.

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  • Bavi

    I think the Palestinians may have it a tad worse seeing as the bombs fall exactly were they were aimed must to the woe of civilians.

    • Rosenberg

      In the case of Israeli civilians, the rockets are indiscriminate – it doesn’t matter if you are an Israeli Jew, an Israeli Arab, an Israeli Christian, whether you support the Palestinians, oppose the Palestinians, or even consider yourself to be an Israeli Palestinian. The rockets from Gaza are indiscriminately fired at all civilians.

      On the other hand, the missiles that Israel fires are fired at terrorists’ rocket launching sites, weapon depots, communication centers, and command and control centers (a number of which happen to be in terrorist’s houses). So if you are in Gaza and are not a terrorist, don’t live with a terrorist, don’t permit terrorists to use your house, and don’t spend time near terrorists’ rocket launching sites, weapon depots, communication centers, or command and control centers, you should be quite safe – since, as you write, “the bombs fall exactly were they were aimed”.

    • rulierose

      that’s a really silly comment. Israel has hit hundreds of targets with precision strikes. if they’d wanted to, they could have killed hundreds if not thousands of Palestinians in those strikes. they aborted an airstrike today because there were children in the area (probably placed there by Hamas to act as human shields).

      Israel does everything it can to protect civilians, including warning them before there’s a bombing raid. and whereas Israel may accidentally kill a Palestinian civilian, Hamas AIMS at Israeli civilians. pizza parlors, schoolbuses, daycare centers…all good targets in Hamas’ opinion. they are HAPPY when they murder an Israeli citizen, and they are often rewarded for it.

      I have very little sympathy for the Palestinians’ suffering, since it is almost completely self-inflicted.

      • Bavi

        You both dont seem to understand that even if a missle falls exactly where targeted it doesnt mean that the intelligence is always sound nor that the explosive force will impart the same precision to the shrapnel and debris flung far and wide to sythe into those streets away. Im not sure how you can account for the obscenely high collateral that accompanies these “precision”strikes as if such a word could be used with explosives.

        This isnt to say that you dont have a right to strike back, most every one would, but taken into the consideration that the Iron dome stops pretty much all the rockets that are fired into Israel that could hit a viable target you would think that it might prove a better point to show some restraint at a time in which alot of people think that the military is trigger happy regardless of whether that is true or false. It also plays into hamas hand that these air stikes continue with the rising number of bodies which most around me believe to be due to Israel complete disregard at any casualties innocent or terrorist.

        This post came across in all the wrong ways in which you ask how can anyone live like this, while across a border the rockets hit.

        • Rosenberg

          Israel has an obligation to defend its civilians. It is doing the best job that any military has ever done to protect civilians on the other side. Israel is certainly trying to protect Gazan civilians while Hamas deliberately endangers Gazan civilians.

          It is unfortunately true, that Israeli intelligence and targeting isn’t perfect. So a small number of innocent Gazans are killed. The important messages are:

          1. Hamas deliberately endangers Gazan civilians by encouraging them to act as human shields, having used construction materials to build terror tunnels and missile silos rather than shelters for Gazan civilians, firing rockets from residential areas, and hiding rockets in schools, hospitals, and mosques.

          2. Israel does everything it can to protect Gazan civilians while fulfilling its obligation to remove the threat to Israeli civilians.

  • obd2spacecom

    i just wanna say it shocked me!!i don’t wanna living like this!!super vag k+ can Plus 2.0 Support the Great Majority Of VW, Audi, And Skoda Model

  • rulierose

    no, Muse, we wouldn’t accept living like that either, no country would, and Israel shouldn’t either. they have put up with it for far too long–since 2006, in fact–but enough is enough, I just hope that this time they don’t stop until every Hamas weapon they can find is destroyed.

    but I do note in your column the usual Jewish tendency to bend over backwards to apologize for our side. yes, the murder of the Palestinian boy by (apparently) Jews was horrific, but c’mon: how many times do we have to say we’re sorry?

    that was a single random act and it was roundly condemned in Israel. compare that to the PA celebrating and rewarding and naming streets after jihadis who have unapologetically murdered Jews. where are the Palestinians who are deeply sorry that the entire Fogel family–including a 3-month-old baby–was slaughtered like animals?

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