Jon Stewart Mocks Israel & Downplays Palestinian Rockets


Well done to Daily Show host Jon Stewart (aka Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz), who pulls the laughs by minimizing the terror me and my fellow Israelis are undergoing, while perpetrating the image of Israel as the big bad wolf and the palestinians as Little (Code) Red Riding Hood.

Call me humor impaired, but I guess I lost my sense of humor the first time I stood in our safe room with my wife and 5 young kids.

Perhaps he should be praising Israeli ingenuity for developing a rocket warning app, the IDF for going to the lengths they do to warn palestinian civilians (something no other army in the world does), and condemning Hamas for firing rockets at civilians and using their own as human shields.

But I guess that would not be funny. Just the truth.

Update: In case you still think this is harmless fun.

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