Jon Stewart Mocks Israel & Downplays Palestinian Rockets

Well done to Daily Show host Jon Stewart (aka Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz), who pulls the laughs by minimizing the terror me and my fellow Israelis are undergoing, while perpetrating the image of Israel as the big bad wolf and the palestinians as Little (Code) Red Riding Hood.

Call me humor impaired, but I guess I lost my sense of humor the first time I stood in our safe room with my wife and 5 young kids.

Perhaps he should be praising Israeli ingenuity for developing a rocket warning app, the IDF for going to the lengths they do to warn palestinian civilians (something no other army in the world does), and condemning Hamas for firing rockets at civilians and using their own as human shields.

But I guess that would not be funny. Just the truth.

Update: In case you still think this is harmless fun.

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16 July 2014 at 10:07pm
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  • JJJ

    what took you so long? The man is despicable.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I see your point, Dave. This wasn’t funny. But it is hard to make human suffering attendant to this conflict funny. I’m willing to give John Stewart and the Daily Show writing staff another chance. Their stuff on the wackier elements of the Tea Party kills.

    • walt kovacs

      But it is hard to make human suffering attendant to this conflict funny

      then dont do the bit

      this same guy and his staff were conned by anna baltzer,,,err…anna piller

      • Jim from Iowa

        I agree, Walt, don’t do the bit. It’s hard to see in what context this might be funny. Certainly not when rockets are being fired on Israelis about every 10 minutes. Hope Israelis get behind Bibi and see this operation to a successful conclusion.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      And is probably every bit as accurate as their reporting on Gaza, but seems funny to those who share Stewart’s prejudices. Just as this clip seems funny to those who share is ignorance and hostility regarding Israel.

      • Jim from Iowa

        I admit I like The Daily Show for it’s entertainment value and it’s left-leaning politics. I go elsewhere to get the news. But it is unfortunate that a significant number of young Americans sight The Daily Show as their only or primary source of news. That is scary even to a liberal like me.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Stewart outed himself as a self-hating Jew years ago, during the 2008/9 war, he made horrific anti-Israel comments and jokes on his show, whilst joking about Palestinian rockets and complaining about how biased the US media was against the Palestinians!! Nothing new from Stewart, same old same old.

  • julis123

    Surprised? Typical left wing American Jew who has no idea of what is really going on and could care less

  • walt kovacs

    people have short memories

    daily show back in 09

  • Hard Little Machine

    Jon Stewart has never had a positive thing to say about Israel. Whereas he kvells endlessly about Arab this Egyptian that and Muslim the other. When he took his sabbatical he spent the entire summer in Jordan making a movie about Iranians. Face it, if a nuke fell on Israel tomorrow, he’d mug and joke about that too.

  • Travis

    He has always been hostile towards Israel, why are you surprised?

  • Abu_Zibby

    We also have our own useful idiots and self-loathing clowns on shows like Eretz Nehederet.

  • David Abitbol

    I’m willing to forgive a lot for funny and Stewart is funny, especially when he roasts US politicians – mostly Republicans, but what can I say? Republicans are funny!

  • monochromemonitor

    Jon Stewart is just another liberal who fails to defend liberalism. Free speech, freedom of religion, gender equality, gay rights– worthy ideals are forgotten when they offend muslim third-worlders. This is why I am a “9/11 liberal”.

  • Ronda

    I admit I was formerly a fan –until I watched this clip. Does anyone know how to submit comments to the show? If he received thousands of negative comments, it might wake him up. He unfortunately has much influence so I think its worth a try.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      I’ve never been a fan of this jerk who constantly passes off his sarcastic ignorance for intelligent discussion.
      How many times has Stewart been to Gaza? What does he have to say about Hamas using civilians as human shields, while using its bomb shelters to shelter its bombs instead of its civilians?

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  • Anonymous

    Call me humor impaired, but I guess I lost my sense of humor the first time I stood in our safe room with my wife and 5 young kids. <—– wow you have a safe room??? How the hell you think the Palestinian family sheltering under? With the bombardment and everything? God damn you Zionist…God damn you!!

    • AussieDave

      If Hamas invested in shelters instead of rockets, that would be different. Not to mention desisted from firing rockets from civilian areas.

  • John John

    Self hating jew? You people have zero sense of humour… You’d be screwed if you were christians, just saying it…

    • Josh

      Privileged people playing the victim in order to assuage their guilt! Standard!

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