Scholar? No, Schnorrer

Now this is rich.

Rich Silverstein, to be precise.

Everyone’s “favorite” DouchebloggerTM has published an anti-Israel ad in Ha’aretz.

Additional douchery: He uses it to solicit donations for himself.

Bonus: He refers to himself as an “international scholar”! (hat tip: George)

International Scholars Declare Opposition to Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Over the past week, I joined together with Stanford Professors David Palumbo-Liu and Joel Beinin to draft the following statement opposing Israel’s war against the people of Gaza. We circulated the statement widely among academics, writers, analysts and some cultural and artistic figures. Among those who signed are Tariq Ramadan, Avi Shlaim, Gabriel Pieterberg, Juan Cole, Gareth Porter, Dina Khoury, Richard Falk and Guy Davidi.

The ad was published today in Haaretz’s Hebrew and English editions. Below you’ll find the text and signers of the ad.

Originally we’d hoped to publish the ad in the NY Times or Washington Post, because it would have the greatest impact. But the expense of ads in those publications was prohibitive. We settled on Haaretz because we knew Israel’s political, military and intelligence officials, along with the professional elites, read it. Haaretz ads were a considerable expense as well. I am financing the ads along with financial support from the signers. Now, I’d like to turn to you readers for your assistance as well. It’s important to make such projects self-sustaining and only you can do that.

Tax deductible gifts may be made online via WePay. Gifts may also be made via Paypal. To avoid the accompanying fees, you may also send donations (including tax-deductible ones) directly to me via check. Contact me for my address.

Here is the statement:

douche letter

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  • Art Deco

    The list includes Gareth Porter, former Khmer Rouges press agent; Ilan Pappe, salaried fabulist and Communist Party hack; Silvearstein himself, who comes off in exchanges as a man on poorly-calibrated psychotropic medications; and miscellaneous pinkos like Joel Beinin. Choice crowd.

    Surprisingly, he failed to recruit Norman Finkelstein; his dom, Noam Chomsky; or Edward Said’s ward, Joseph Massad.

  • Art Deco

    Also missing is Nadia Abu el-Hadj. She must be off in Jerusalem doing ‘archaeological’ ‘research’.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Silverstein has rounded up the usual suspects.

  • ruth rosenstock

    I like how the signatories are listed in alpha order by FIRST name. is that because the people who want to find them are too stupid to know their last names? btw, where’s Obama pal Rashid Khalidi? I would’ve thought he’d jump at the chance to sign on to this.

  • unpluggged

    Oh yeah. Yesterday some terrorist scum shot down a plane in Ukraine and murdered more people than were killed in Gaza since the beginning of the operation, and nobody cared.

    BTW, what a nice list. Almost completely consists of Arabs and self-hating Jews.

  • Kim

    “We circulated the statement widely among academics, writers, analysts
    and some cultural and artistic figures. Among those who signed are Tariq Ramadan, (…) ”

    ramadan certainly fits the artistic figure description as in conspiracy theory artist.

  • Yoni

    Please tell me a “Hasbara troll” hacked his site and posted this

    • AussieDave


  • walt kovacs

    ads are cheap on haaretz because a total of 30k people read it in israel

  • Gerald

    Of course Richard Silverstein is an international scholar.
    He is also a world famous, and fearless, investigative journalist.
    Holder of the Victoria Cross.
    King of Scotland.
    He also calls himself a Zionist, although I think this last claim is stretching credibility too far.

  • A F

    I counted around 12 people who signed this who currently are in Israel. i.e. the vast majority are actually in the USA.
    Also, I noticed that not only is he soliciting funds on his blog for this ad, but he is soliciting funds in the very ad itself to pay for that ad!

  • mzk1_1

    Was he on this “peace bus”, that was peacefully escorted out of Sderot when the residents explained to them that they weren’t too crazy about him? It sure looks like it.

  • mzk1_1

    He is probably right about Ha’aretz, and it’s a shame. They really should put the title of the paper in Arabic, or maybe German. One big problem is that they have a lot of international readers.

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