The Most Intense Night Time Iron Dome Video Yet?

Is this the most intense night time Iron Dome interception video you’ve ever seen?

I’ve stood and watched at least 4 simultaneous night time launches above Tel Aviv personally. I’ve never seen quite so many in the sky at once as this.

Update: And this is a daytime version from this morning. This happened just as I got out of my car and was walking into my office not far from where this was filmed in Petach Tikva.


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  • CableLegend

    One thing I’ve never understood w/ Iron Dome; in almost all every video you can see the trails behind the Iron Dome rockets but cannot see the trails behind incoming rockets… Can someone explain that? I’m not one of the conspiracy freaks that thinks Iron Dome is just some optical illusion or anything like that, I’m just genuinely curious.

    • Brian of London

      The rockets being shot at us fire their engines at launch for a short time (seconds) then cut out. After the launch phase they’re like dumb artillery without guidance. They just follow the laws of physics without anything coming out the back.

      Iron Dome interceptor rockets are powered all the way to impact and are changing direction manically (it’s astonishing how much they zig and zag) as they update their prediction of when and where they will intercept the incoming missile. Remember, both of these things are moving at astonishing speeds.

      It really is quite a miracle.

      • CableLegend

        Thank you.

    • unpluggged

      It’s how a ballistic missile works.

  • ruth rosenstock

    meanwhile, in Jew-hate land, the usual suspects are talking about how callous Israelis are kicking back and applauding these pyrotechnics as the poor Palestinians die.

    I know, I know: it doesn’t even make sense, because of course Iron Dome is a defensive weapon. but hey, when did the Jew-haters ever make sense?

  • anneinpt

    You saw those rockets. I FELT those rockets. What a bang and shudder my house made!

    And may I ask why you weren’t taking shelter young man? Or were you lying on the ground and filming with your camera facing upwards?

    • cba

      That’s a good Jewish-mother question! But I believe it wasn’t actually Brian who filmed it… (the update implies it was someone else).

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