The Hamas Four

Hamas has issued obituaries for 4 of its members who all belonged to the same family, possibly even brothers.

Meet Bilal, Muhammad, Masoud and Bilal al-Khashash.

Hamas - Bilal Ahmed al-Khashash


Hamas - Muhammad Musa al-Khashash


Hamas - Masoud Ahmed al-Khashash


Hamas - Said Ahmed al-Khashash


Or as some put it, “Hamas playing cards”

al-Khashash brothers

al-Khashash brothers

That’s one deck of cards I won’t mind playing.

Good riddance.


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  • Travis

    More and faster please!

  • spondres

    I just checked this against the notoriously unreliable Al Jazeera list of deaths. It list 10 apparently female deaths with the family name Alqasas (between numbers 487 and 498), all apaprently killed ‘at the Alqasas residence’ but there is no mention of these four. How could the Hamas ‘health ministry’ have made such an omission?

    • spondres

      I’ve just noticed that six of the females on the list died twice (536-541)

    • Judge Dan

      These are new deaths, from today, the Al-Jizz list is not yet updated.

      • spondres

        Okay, the obituries were published today. That doesn’t mean they necessarily died today, does it?

        • Judge Dan

          there’s a line at the bottom explaining when they died, the date there is 29th of July.

  • dabney

    They all have good teeth. I mean, had.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ahh more blood for our Matzahs! Call out the ZioPelicans to retrieve the corpses!

  • $6620073

    “They are the moron brothers, don’t get along with others…”

  • yitzhakbg

    Poor suckers. Got there too late. No more virgins left for them

  • biz

    I suspect this might be a false flag troll comment. I encourage the admins to consider deleting.

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