Hamas Wants To Blockade Gaza

But the IDF and Israel are determined not to let them.

I’ve noticed something. Almost every day without fail Kerem Shalom gets shot at by Hamas. Kerem Shalom is the ONLY goods crossing point into Gaza. Israel operates the crossing to control what goes in and exclude all the stuff that Hamas would like to get, like more rockets or weapons.

In fact I tried to get Matt Lee at the AP to ask at the State Department briefing about this crossing a few days ago:

And tonight here is a video from the IDF Spokesperson about what Israel is doing to keep goods flowing into Gaza despite incoming fire.

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  • NormanF

    I love seeing the evil bastard Yoav Mordechai get a taste of his own medicine from his Hamas friends!

    Serves him right.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I would say that the State Department and other foreign ministries don’t even know about this or think that the incidents are minor or random. Now that the IDF has publicized it, they have no more excuses. However, it may take strong words by Bibi or Bogie to get their attention.

  • CableLegend

    Marie Harf might be the worst spokesperson in the history of spokespersons. She is beyond awful, not to mention incredibly rude & unnecessarily snarky. As for Jen Psaki, she is just more concerned about looking stylish but professional than she is about mastering the issues for upcoming pressers. It is really shameful.

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