Gaza Rocket Launched During Interview

A Gazan man interviewed on Canada’s CBC News, complains to the journalist about big, bad Israel and the trauma his children are undergoing.

You won’t believe what happens next (actually, you will, I just like to make fun of such link-bait statements)

Notice how the man hardly flinched as the rocket was fired, and then continued to lambaste Israel for killing the children, seemingly oblivious to the fact that rockets like these being fired from among them are the cause of the children’s deaths (hat tip: Harvey).

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  • joethefatman

    No joy on vid.

  • Souliren
  • Shy Guy

    Don’t thank me. I’m a giver.

  • Julian Mannino

    Works fine now, thanks. It’s sad how brainwashed these people are. If the Gaza Strip demilitarized the people would be free to do whatever they want. Unfortunately they are led by an organization that loves death.

  • mzk1_1

    He looks at the rocket and describes it as (Israel) breaking the ceasefire, and I suspect a lot, if not most of the viewers were fooled into believing that also. In fact, he gave an excellent refutation of the argument that since not too many rockets kill anyone (how much is too much?) then they are nothing. He nicely, if accidentally, describes the trauma Israeli kids are subjected to (and used to be subjected to in the North). I’m strongly suspect this interview was set up by Hamas, who gave him his talking pints, if not the actual script.

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