Child Safety Fail


Last night Dr. Bassel Abuward, apparent friend of our favorite Norwegian doctor, Mads Gilbert, posted this on Twitter.

I’m not sure what he’s getting at here? 5 young boys sticking it to the man by sitting on an unexploded Mark 84 Bomb?

All I see is a group of kids in a war zone, encouraged to risk their own lives, sitting on an object that can go off and create 5 new propaganda points for Hamas to parade around.

He really wants to see the facial expression of the Israeli Army? Well here’s mine…




There are a few points we can add about this picture.

1) It can’t be a recently dropped bomb, I’m no expert on bombs, but I’ve been told this is a no-longer-in-use bomb.

2) The bomb is propped up on tires further indicating this is an old bomb.

Which makes Abuward’s tweet even more mystifying since it no longer has any connection to recent operations in the Strip. He refers to the bomb as “unexploded” rather than “disarmed” so my hunch is he thinks it’s a recently dropped bomb and could still probably detonate, so he is still quite an irresponsible doctor in my books.

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