Meet The Fockers: “Civilian” Terrorists Killed In Gaza

Meet 13 year-old Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nasser, listed by Al Jizz (#309) as one of those killed in Operation Protective Edge.


He looks closer to 30 than 13. But even assuming he matured really quickly, can we all agree he does not look like a civilian?

Likewise 15-year-old Wasim Rida Salehiya (#310 on the list), immortalized in this martyrs poster as a Fatah/Abu al-Rish Battalions operative (he’s the one in the purple shirt on the top right)


Again, not quite the innocent young boy.

If you recall our casualties analysis, 28% of those on the list were 18-28 year old males, the demographic category most likely to represent combatants. A further 5% were 11-17 year old males. We see that this category also included combatants, making the results even more suggestive of IDF efforts to target terrorists (but we knew that already).

These are some of the findings of the latest Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center report, which has so far ascertained 450 dead, consisting of 208 terrorists (46%) and 240 non-combatants (54%) .

(Hat tip: EoZ)

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  • The reader

    Good job Dave!

    All I can say is that this shows the limits of Quantitative analysis. It can show proportions and likelihoods but it can’t show you Qualitative aspects like this, out and out deception and manipulations of the data.

    The Reader

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Hamasholes must have studied the classic “How to Lie with Statistics.”

  • cba

    EoZ has an update
    (Update): All nine people on this poster are Abu Rish Brigade terrorists, and all nine were counted as a “civilian” in the PCHR report above – including three “children.”

  • walt kovacs

    who is the guy in the yellow shirt in the second pic who looks like he is frothing at the mouth?

    israel did the palis a tovah and killed someone with rabies

    doesnt matter that the lies are unraveling

    the lies of cast lead continue unabated

    the lie of al dura persists

    people dont want to know the truth…they just want a reason to hate the jew

  • junkmonger

    I found the confusion about the first guy being 13…they probably got confused because he failed grade 8 5 times.

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