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isis-marching-APThere one was an evil Jihadi

Named Abu Khalid al-Kanadi

He said Israeli Jews could convert

To Islam (won’t hurt)

Then fight with ISIS (he’s batsh*t crazy)

A Canadian jihadi fighting with the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in Syria has said that he believes Israeli Jews would be allowed to join the faction and could even fight in Syria – if they converted to Islam first.

The jihadi, who goes by the nickname Abu Khalid al-Kanadi (“Abu Khalid the Canadian”) made the remark this week in response to a question asked to him via social networking site

I doubt he will win over many Jews with this rather ironic tweet:

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  • Jim from Iowa

    There is a lot of talk on American media that ISIS poses a direct threat to the U.S in part because there are Americans with American passports who belong to ISIS and could attack us here on the homefront. I’ve also heard of Brits, French, Dutch and others in the front ranks of ISIS, but haven’t heard of any Israelis as members of ISIS. Given the level of hatred some Arab Israelis have for their own country, I’m surprised we haven’t heard of any of them joining this terrorist group.

    • AlexC

      Easier to just Hamas I guess, same party shorter journey

    • asb

      I did recall hearing of an idiot who went to Syria and then needed the government to bail him out. About a year ago.

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