YouTube Takes Down My Roger Waters Video, Calls It “Hate Speech”


A few weeks ago, I posted a video taken from a Roger Waters live Facebook session organized by a BDS group. My video pointed out his most troublesome statements – including blatant lies and those indicating antisemitism.

If you don’t remember, here’s the video.

Notice it is not on YouTube. That is because the YouTube version was just removed (after gaining over 5,000 views), and I was greeted with this message (click on it to enlarge):

Clearly, some Israel haters (perhaps including Waters himself) reported the video to YouTube. Yet the only hate speech in it is that of Waters! I merely shined a spotlight on his own words, providing some commentary and rebuttal in the form of subtitles.

Like we have seen before, the Israel haters and antisemites are gaming the system to silence pro Israel advocates like me. Because they cannot actually win with facts and logic.

News flash: I won’t be silenced.

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