WATCH: Roger Waters Insinuates The Joooooos Are Gagging Him


The RT interview with Roger Waters I posted about a few days ago has been released – and it looks even more damning for Roger – especially this part.

No, it is not rocket science, Roger. You really are a Jew hater!

You can see the full interview here.

Update: Note how he is soft on Putin. As has been noted:

For his part, Waters remained critical of President Trump, calling him “supremely dumb” and “a nincompoop.” Compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Waters said, “[Trump] is a complete buffoon, who doesn’t make any sense. [He] knows nothing about anything,” adding, “[Putin] may be power hungry, but at least he’s coherent. At least he can string a sentence together. At least he reads about the political situations in places his countries are involved in.”

“Obviously you’re not afraid to be called a Putin apologist,” Parampil noted, to which Waters replied, “That just gets back to the point that what’s important to the mainstream media is propaganda.”

Something is not kosher there either. Waters also made “soft” comments about Russia here.

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