Charlottesville And The Charlatan Linda Sarsour


No doubt you have all seen the disturbing images from the Charlottesville hate rally – unless you have been living in a cave.

Mind you, it is these hateful individuals who seem to have not evolved much from cave-dwellers.

This seems to have shocked and infuriated so many people, because these scenes are so reminiscent of what we saw in Nazi Germany.

One person seemingly shocked and infuriated is Linda Sarsour, who came out of a 3-week Tweeting slumber to post about the rally.

Of course, by “people of color”, she is excluding Jews. Remember, an integral part of her Women’s March and intersectionality thing revolves around alienating “Zionists” (Jews who support living in our homeland Israel). She cannot acknowledge Jews are “people of color” because it contradicts her narrative that we are really white, European colonialists who took over the land of the palestinians.

(If she denies this, then I would love to know how she considers us “people of color” – an acknowledgement we are not White Europeans in our ancestry. From where does she admit we are from?)

There is also the really inconvenient fact that so much of the antisemitism we see today comes from the Left, including the likes of these same “people of color” and other allies of Sarsour’s.

I posit that, with this tweet, she means “only what other victims of racism,  but not Jews, have been telling you is true.”

Yet Sarsour does make a point of expressing her concern for Jews.

The hypocrisy and disingenuity here is astounding.

I am not aware of Sarsour ever condemning the antisemitism of the Left (she even seems to find it funny sometimes).

Or of the palestinians.

Or of Imans.

Or the BDS movement.

Or pretty much anyone except the far right.

So until Sarsour condemns all forms of antisemitism, includes Jews in her definition of “people of color” and acknowledges our legitimate aspirations to live in our homeland, I will continue to call her out for the charlatan she seems to be.

P.S Linda: we are indigenous. You are disingenuous.

Update: Sarsour also retweeted this:

Yisrael Kristal lived in Israel as a Zionist.

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