Saeb Erekat Continues to Serve Up Comedy Gold


You have to hand it to Chief Palestinian Propagandist Saeb Erekat. Even by palestinian standards, his level of chutzpah is stratospheric.

And his quotes more often than not read like something from The Onion. Like this one from yesterday:

Pence’s speech “is a gift to the extremists and proves that the American administration is part of the problem rather than the solution,” Xinhua quoted Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), as saying.

By extremists, I assume Erekat means Israelis who loved his speech (which would have been most, I would imagine) and not, say, these moderates who reacted moderately ahead of the Pence visit

These photos were posted on the Facebook page of our moderate peace partners of Fatah.

Speaking of gifts to extremists, how is that lung you received by the grace of the US holding up, Saeb?

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