Star Trek’s George Takei Glorifies Terrorism


I have long followed Star Trek actor George Takei on Facebook because I enjoyed his sense of humor, cringe-worthy puns notwithstanding. Sure, the constant anti-Trump comments have become cumbersome (not because I am pro Trump – which I am not – but because they have become predictable and unhinged), yet I was willing to turn a blind eye in order to read his other, entertaining posts.

That was until now.

It links to this disgusting article basically glorifying terrorism.

The man in the photo – as well as other rioters – have been trying to break down the border fence so they can flood Israel and take over, killing any Jew they see. No, I am not kidding.

So sorry, but referring to that image as “powerful” and “captivating” is highly offensive, especially to those of us who these rioters would love to slaughter.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think George is a bad man. He just is afflicted with the illness of so many on the left these days – reflexively supporting the side they see as the “weakest”, ignoring the fact that 1. They have the support of most Arab countries surrounding the tiny Jewish state and 2. Any lack of progress is their own fault – had they concentrated on state-building rather than state-destroying, they would be living better lives.

Incidentally, if George and his Jewish husband Brad visited Gaza, they would likely be slaughtered before getting the chance to say “Beam me up, Scotty!”

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