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Amazing Chutzpah From Israeli Pro-Palestinian NGO

Chutzpah personified

The Non-Violent Palestinian Protester

In this photo taken from the recent march of return "protests", what is the guy on the right thinking?

WATCH: The UNHRC’s Report on Gaza March of Return (For Dummies)

Following yesterday's release of the latest UN Human Rights Council report on Israel and the palestinian Arabs, I realize not everyone has the patience to read the report or even my analysis. So I thought I would make things easier for you.

Flagrant Examples of Bias in Latest UNHRC Report On Gaza March of Return...

Earlier today, the UNHRC released a report on the March of Return riots in Gaza. And like all similar reports before it, it was aimed at condemning Israel, rather than being an objective analysis.

WATCH: Fox News Report On Those “Peaceful” Gaza Border “Protests”

A Fox News journalist reports from the latest March of Return riots, which the palestinians and their supporters still claim are "peaceful demonstrations."

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Starring ‘Photogenic’ Shirtless Rioter

Remember A’ed Abu Amro aka Triple A, the palestinian rioter who George Takei crushed on, and who claimed we injured him because he is photogenic? Al Jizz apparently agree he is photogenic, so they did a short propaganda video on him.

Some More AP Bias We Shouldn’t Stand For

AP finds a way to use our restraint to bash us

Israel Blocks Tyre Imports Into Gaza

In April, I reported how Israel was to halt imports of tyres into Gaza, given the palestinian proclivity to light them on fire in order to make life difficult for the IDF. I guess that was a false start.

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Balloon Animals

Another Zionist Pugs instant classic

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

Via the reliably idiotic Quds News Network

Star Trek’s George Takei Glorifies Terrorism

George Takei has gone too far this time

Photo of the Day: Just One More Puff Edition

Doesn't he know smoking will kill you?
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