Compromise – In Their Eyes

Ahmad Yassine, who claims to be “form the Palestinian village of Shajara Tiberias Gallile Palestine” (but has a UK email address) comments on this post, and, in the process, demonstrates why it is important that Israel remain strong.
For instance, take his view on the actions of the IDF refuseniks:
Believe in whatever lies you have decided to create and go about flashing all over the world you will never ever be able to get rid of Palestine and Palestinians for one simple reason we are real and you are not we have a just cause and you don’t we are willing to send our own flesh and blood to die which only proves how much we believe in our cause yet how many IDF soldiers have chickened out and ran away from service or refused to serve in the so called Israeli Army.
Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai and Lebanon are also viewed through a similar lense.

Hundreds of Palestinians are dieing every month and that is not recent that has been going on and happening ever since the declaration of your cancerous state you also occupied the Sinai desert but you gave it up after the beating that you got from the heroic EGYPTIAN ARMY and until recently you also occupied most of Southern Lebanon until the beating you got from Heroic LEBANESE RISITANCE and soon you will give up what is left of it along with the GOLAN heights of SYRIA and very very very soon you shall leave PALESTINE for it’s rightful owners you will not keep it up forever.

Time and time again, Western leaders superimpose their own ideals on to Muslim and Arab societies, with detrimental consequences. What do I mean? Well, for instance, in Western democracies, compromise is seen as a positive and noble way to achieve a win-win situation for two parties in a dispute or protracted conflict. Middle Eastern Muslims and Arabs, on the other hand, are more likely to see it as a sign of weakness (as Yassine’s comments indicate). The result is what we are seeing in Israel – Israel’s willingness to compromise invariably leading to more attacks by the PLO Arabs, and more bloodshed.
I have long advocated that Israel would be better served by refusing to compromise until the PLO Arabs unequivocally fight terror and show that they really want peace. The Oslo process of compromise-first-and-then-hope-for-the-best is a proven failure. At the same time, it is important that we show unity. The actions of the IDF refuseniks are not only undermining Israel’s military, but also giving the PLO Arab terrorists more confidence, and a belief that they are winning.
I thank Ahmad Yassine for bringing this point home for all of us.

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