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No, You Are Not a Peace Advocate Either, Fred Maroun

Fred Maroun is no supporter of peace either, apart from being a non advocate of Israel.

Guest Post: Interview With Prof. Richard Landes About His New Video Doc on Media...

Andrew Pessin interviews Richard Landes, former professor of history at Boston University, regarding his new video, “Everyone Knows,” about media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Latest Pew Results: EVERY US Religious, Racial & Age Group Sympathizes More With Israel...

Pew Research has released the results of a new survey on US sympathies on the Middle East conflict. And some of the results surprised me more than others

The Thing About The Conflict

The thing about the conflict, is that most people know only what they have been told

Critics Fear Trump Mid-East Policy May Cause Renewed Outbreak of Thomas Friedman

Critics fear region may face a renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman
Israeli cartoon contest sponsored by Jerusalem Press Club and Holon cartoon on display Angel of Death

The Biggest Lie

"No injuries"

Israel Is Not Up For Grabs

It’s not up for grabs. It belongs to us. End of discussion.

Know Your History: Ronald Reagan’s US Policy for Peace in the Middle East, 1982

I look back at a previous US President I rate as one of the best - Ronald Reagan

Pardon My Inappropriateness

Zahava says some inappropriate things
Chairman of the Joint Arab List MK Ayman Odeh,

These Are The Photos And Stories That Have To Be Shared Today

What the mainstream media is not reporting


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