Club Med(s)

You have to hand it to Shimon Peres. His brain is always ticking over.

Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres sought to plot out the economic fortunes of the Middle East after Israel pulls out of the Gaza Strip this summer, proposing Monday regional economic cooperation that could include a Club Med tourist resort in Palestinian areas.

“We could convert a settlement into a Club Med,” he said.

What a fantastic idea! I can imagine the advertising campaign now..

Welcome to Club Med Gaza.

The place where you can just lie back and relax.. the newspaper…

…indulge in some physical activity..

…have a mud bath… entertained..

..or do the entertaining yourselves…

..and always be greeted by a friendly face..

So join us at Club Med Gaza – for the most eventful time of your life.

26 thoughts on “Club Med(s)”

  1. Ha! Good one Dave. Very funny. (all that’s missing from the brochure are the spectacular IAF F-16 and Apache airshows and free tourist transport in UN ambulances)

  2. Club Med Gaza – where the action never stops.

    I guess the hotels will won’t be able to refer to the number of ‘occupants’ without an international outcry.

    The big question is whether old Shimon would stay there himself. Hasn’t he also promised “there won’t be a Jew in Gaza after 2005”.

  3. Dave, this is totally great.

    I also have to say, as someone who has very vivid memories of Club Med Turks and Caicos, that picture of the Israeli soldiers “doing the entertaining themselves” is actually quite similar to the “Crazy Signs” danceathon that Club Med hosts EVERY NIGHT, where they teach you wild dances that you never dreamed of when you were learning the steps to Yo Ya.

    Chag sameach!

  4. Afternoon Reads: Club Med Gaza Edition

    Israelly Cool thinks Shimon Perez’s notion of a Club Med style resort in Gaze is, er, interesting. More claims of U.S. soldiers abusing poor innocent Iraqis debunked by the Dread Pundit Bluto. Tim at Opinion Bug wonders what ‘the…

  5. Did you notice the guy in the second picture from the bottom is doing the chicken dance? The place has everything!

  6. Club Med Gaza Strip

    Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres suggests an abandoned Israeli settlement be converted to a Club Med. Hey, that’s a great idea, Shim. Or can I call you Shemp? Moron….

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