Ynetnews reports on the latest CRAP (Celebrity Repugnance And Posturing):

Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters, who inspired the rock band’s iconic album “The Wall,” has scrawled “tear down the wall” on the concrete panels of Israel’s security fence on Wednesday.

The barrier was the first stop on a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories for Waters, who had been criticized by some fans for planning to play a concert in the Jewish state.

“It’s a horrific edifice, this thing,” Waters told reporters as he stood beside a section of the barrier in Bethlehem.

“I’ve seen pictures of it, I’ve heard a lot about it but without being here you can’t imagine how extraordinarily oppressive it is and how sad it is to see these people coming through these little holes,” he added. “It’s craziness.”

Waters added to graffiti with red spray paint and a marker pen.

Interesting how Waters finds the security fence so horrific, yet not even a word about the terrorism and wanton destruction of innocent human life that necessitated its existence. Yes, it is sad that palestinians come “through these little holes”, but it is sadder that innocent Israelis are being buried in much larger ones.

Update: Harry says it better.

I have a serious problem with his visit. First of all, he moved the venue from Tel Aviv to Neve Shalom, which is going to seriously affect traffic in my area tonight. Recommendations are to leave work early tonight. The venue has a few small roads and can’t handle the traffic. It’s going to be a nightmare.
Secondly, he’s getting mad bank for this show, I’m certain he doesn’t sell 35,000 tickets to his shows elsewhere in the world. Now he’s invited over for dinner and basically takes a shit on our collective kitchen table.
Update: The concert is expected to cause massive traffic jams, which will affect my drive home. Man, I really don’t like this guy.

7 thoughts on “Troubled Waters”

  1. I’ve seen a map of the barrier (download it from here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/guides/456900/456944/html/nn2page1.stm) which shows in detail what the various parts of it are actually made of. I knew that only a small part is actual *wall* but I was amazed to see what a tiny proportion of it is that concrete stuff so loved by the Phonystinian propaganda machine and useless idiots like Waters, and photographers looking for an easy shot.

    Dave, you and other Israeli bloggers should do what you can to show that its a fence, not a bloody WALL!

  2. Ooooh. Oh no. That just really really sucks. I love Pink Floyd. It’s too bad that celebrities/musicians/etc get caught up in political tirades, especially when they don’t get enough education on what’s going on. It’s incredibly aggravating.

  3. Thanks for the traffic report. I had to go to Ramat Gan at 5PM. Took route 443 instead of the main highway. Hit rush hour traffic but nothing unusual. From the radio reports, this saved me a ton of fossil fuel.

    Shy Guy

  4. he placed the concert in a farm without good accesses destroying the harvest (paying it), and then goes to the “wall” and writes “we don’t need no thought control” haha this dude is idiot, and what are you doing,”thought control”?

    i hope you post this comment aussiecensor 😛

    your spanish friend

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