Different Ways to Skin a Rabbit


With last week’s news that Hamas kiddie favorite Nahoul the Bee had met his maker, following in the footsteps of Farfur the Mouse, the question regarding new kid on the block Assud the Rabbit is not Will He Die? but rather How Will He Die?

Lucky for all of you, I have already started taking bets.

1,000,000 -1 Dies after getting impaled on a carrot (“It was a million to one shot, Doc. Million to one.”)

1000-1 Natural causes (B.o.L.)

75-1 Dies after being killed by one of his Hamas colleagues who thought he was hitting on him (the high-pitched voice, pink fur, and constantly asking What’s up, Doc?)

50-1 Work accident

20-1 Shot by some bald guy with a shotgun (rumored to be Saeb Erekat)

Even Murdered by a son of monkeys and pigs/killer of children/Zionist terrorist

3-5 on Killed by evil disease invented by evil Zionist scientists specifically targeting giant rabbits called “Pallymatosis”. (B.o.L.)

[Sorry…. couldn’t resist editing Dave’s post on this one! Brian of London]

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