Ask the Naqba Dwarf

Continuing our new feature: Ask the Naqba Dwarf.

Naqba Dwarf was first introduced to us in this post, showing his incredible acting talents in portraying an Evil Zionist Mafia Dwarf. In his next role, he plans to play an Evil Zionist Settler Dwarf, to avoid being typecast.

Naqba Dwarf has agreed to answer questions posed to him by Israellycool readers.

Question from Robert:  Dear Naqba Dwarf,

How did you get into acting?

Naqba Dwarf: Dear Robert,

I was encouraged to enter the craft by my mentor, Abu Ammar, otherwise known as Yasser Arafat. Yasser told me that it is not the size of the actor that matters, only the size of the part. He would also help me out with my rehearsals, and let me know when I was getting a little behind in my work.

Abu Ammar even once cast me in a play with him. He played the role of a tiger and I played the role of a hyena. I remember being amazed by the method acting of Abu Ammar, but thinking it was a little weird that there was no audience

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