Brendon O’Connell One Step Closer to Bubba

Inarticulate racist Brendon “Brendover” O’Connell seems to be spending much of his free time – the only type of time he currently has, given he’s unemployed – leaving comments on here.

In this rant, he gets a little too excited with the exclamation marks.

Hey my little jew death cult friends!

Got the indictment last week!

You should read it!

I take it the D.P.P is not very happy with you silly little racist fools and your “tall stories”.

Let me give you the “low down” – the D.P.P will be doing these amazing things at the trial – playing the video and…THATS IT!

THATS IT boys and girls and to be quite honest I have every expectation the case will be dropped and you will look like the fools you are.

You are my monkey’s and I am the Organ Grinder.

So much for us owning the banks and media, not to mention those plans to take over the world. Damn! You mean you were the secretive chief Elder all along?

Not to worry. Where you’re heading, your organ/monkey is bound to get a good grinding.

Still – I pray we still get to Court because we will be detailing what hateful little piggies you are.

Wow, you’ve managed to call us both monkeys and pigs. Sounds familar.

Here, Brendover challenges another commenter to meet him.

lets meet.


Give me your mobile number and I’ll give you a ring.

Save your ring, Brendover. You’re soon going to be giving it to others.

Meanwhile here, Brendover prefers to be a wit (although he only half succeeds).


I’d be more afraid if you actually meant it.

How do you type and masturbate whilst watching hidden camera footage of your sister in the shower?

Serious question?

How ironic that the first thing that comes to his mind is sex in the shower.

There’s plenty more comments, but in all seriousness, there is not much funny about the word “kike”, holocaust denial or blood libels.

Besides the overt anti-Semitism, another common thread in his comments is the shameless pimping of his new blog, as well as boasting of success in his impending trial.

Go to my Blog little ones and get ALL the goss!

The D.P.P indictment in all it’s “non glory” will be up soon and you can see the “amazingly” hot case thats going to be presented.

10 DVD’s of “evidence” off my computer and internet and NOTHING will be presented! 😀

Which is not the smartest move, when the blog you are pimping contains more evidence of the very kind of thing for which you are standing trial.

Consider Exhibit A:

[click to enlarge]

oconnell screenshot

Now for the kicker: I purposefully withheld this blog post until I was informed that this information was passed on to the police. Given that Brendover purportedly made similar threats to a few synagogues and Jewish school in Perth, this blog statement will likely be added to the list and presented in court.

Thanks Brendan!


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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