The Res Erection of Brendon O’Connell

Anti-Semitic fruitcake Brendon O’Connell has just paid another visit to this blog, leaving a treasure trove of comments that are simply too good to resist.

I thought gods chesen would be chamfing at the bit to humiliate a non member of the death cult?

Naa. You’re doing a great job of doing that on your own (by the way, I am impressed you spelled “humiliate” correctly).

Lets all talk about VERINT and Leon Wende and SAS Communications and the collins Class Sub and the Sydney Rail Transit System and israely jewish habits of sunverting Christian society.

Really? We have gotten to the point where we can now even control the sun? I never saw that in the minutes of any of our Elders meetings.

Why not be honest about how much you hate Jesus and Christians? I have no problem with that. It’s just the fact that you lot take Christians money while laughing at them and spitting at their good natures behind their backs.

Um, because that wouldn’t be being honest, now would it? I don’t hate Christians and I never knew Jesus.

As for you, I readily admit I do not like you, I laugh at you (and encourage others to do the same). You also don’t have a good nature at which to spit, and I’ll leave any behind-the-back activity to your future cellmate.

Poor Rod (Barrister) – he has some reading to do and he’ll need a stiff drink as well when he reads what you miscreants write online when you think we ar’nt watching

I suspect Rod has needed a stiff drink for a number of months already.

Now how about that debate?

Sure, hop on over to Israel. Don’t forget your video camera, crucifix and garlic (in case we try to suck your blood).

You are hated all over the world. Do you know that or are you just to narcisistically inward looking to notice?

Hey, if I wanted to be popular, I would have had blonde streaks put in my hair and gotten myself arrested and sent to prison.

I mean really – you are mentally ill and I’m not trying to insult you i’m just pointing it out in case you missed it.

Thanks. I truly appreciate having you warn me about the dangers of mental illness.

I will be sorry when you are gone. Just me and the Kairites. What will I do with myself in retirement?

Wow, you are unemployed, about to go to jail, and already thinking about your retirement. Talk about optimism!

You poor, poor fools 🙂

P-L-A-Y-E-D by an unemployed bum from Perth, Western Australia.


Who are feeling like fools?

Asks the unemployed bum from Perth, Western Australia whose bum is about to be fully employed, thrashed and felt by fools.

Kiss my Royal Irish Arse 🙂

No thanks, but I’m sure it’s about to get plenty of attention.

Get down on your knees – he will need a footstool at the reserection

Oh boy! You are making this too easy.

Detective Manners and Paini were ALL EARS when I ranted on about them in the “raid video” which I cant wait to lay my hands on. Apparently I am looking dapper and I held my stomach in and kept my double chin from showing.

It’s in “High Def” so one has to watch the lighting – a window at my back is as good as one inch of vaseline they say 😀

WAY too easy.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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