Scenes From a Hamas Protest


It’s the Michael Jackson Martyrs Brigades!

Hamas protest - Reuters

Because We’re Bad, We’re Bad-
Come On
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know We’re Bad, We’re Bad-
You Know It

Here’s a picture of palestinians holding up photos of their relatives killed during Operation Cast Lead. Undoubtedly as non-combatants.

Hamas protest- Reuters

Just a picture of a child brandishing a rifle (and an adult with some weird growth coming out of his behind). Nothing to see here, move along..

Hamas Protest - AP

Another photo of some palestinian women holding up pictures of dead relatives.

Hamas protest - AP

Woman on right: And to think I could have been competing in the beauty pageant right now.

Meanwhile, talk about being in a precarious situation

Palestinian praying - Reuters

“It’s ok, Ahmed, don’t be scared. Just don’t stare at any of them and you’ll be fine.”

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