Flotilla’s Offensive PR Offensive


The flotilla of fools continues with their propaganda war, which like that of all anti-Israel terror enablers includes co-opting the Holocaust at every available opportunity.

gaza concentration campThe leader of a Gaza-bound aid mission said Thursday Israel wanted to arrest the activists and place them in a “concentration camp”.

Greta Berlin, one of the organizers of the Free Gaza flotilla, told Ynet that despite a ban imposed by Cyprus, the vessels are on schedule and expect to reach the Strip Saturday morning.


“They can do whatever they want, but they can’t stop us,” said Berlin. “There are ships full of civilians who want to break the blockade on Gaza – to make people in Gaza as free as anyone else.

“The people of Gaza are in an actual concentration camp. They can’t come in or go out despite having the same rights we all have…We will also be placed in a concentration camp, unfortunately, if we are detained.”

Berlin (an appropriate surname, now that I think about it) is further cheapening the Holocaust by extending the already offensive “Gaza as a concentration camp” metaphor to include Israel’s treatment of the terror enablers themselves!

If you truly want to compare the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust, consider this: Hamas (the rules of Gaza) shares the Nazi goal to destroy the Jewish people; like the Nazis, the palestinians are experts at propaganda (including antisemitic imagery) and revisionism; and like during the Holocaust, the world by and large has stood by while Jews are slaughtered.

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