A Taste of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: The Commodore Hotel


Inspired by the Gaza mall photos, I will endeavor to feature various facilities from Gaza over the next few weeks, with the aim of providing readers with a glimpse into the real Gaza, which is anything but a concentration camp as some claim.

My point is not that there is no hardship in Gaza, but rather that the situation is a far cry from what is being presented by the palestinians, their supporters and the mainstream media.

Introducing Gaza’s 5-star Hamas-owned Commodore Hotel.

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commodore gaza
Hotel exterior
commodore gaza
Hotel bedroom
commodore gaza
Hotel bathroom
Commodore gaza
Hotel swimming pool

Not too much information exists on the hotel since the site appears to be down. No doubt the work of the Zionists.

But from what I can gather, it has a sauna, jacuzzi, massage, multiple restaurants, 24-hour room service and a luxurious swimming pool (which is a favorite for peeping toms). And judging by the photos (taken from here, and here), it does not look too shabby.

Oh, and it is apparently Sabbath-friendly.

No wonder it is described by some as “the nicest hotel” they’ve ever stayed in.

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