Top Ten BDS Protest Fails


We’ve seen more and more of these spectacles over the past year, so I’ve decided to create a top ten list of the worst of the worst.

#10: Cape Town Opera, Tel Aviv, November 2010

Israelis singing and dancing badly.

#9: Follow Me Flashmob, Netherlands, March 2010

Unimaginative flash mob with usual assortment of young hippies and old codgers, made worse by puke green shirts and weird mime-like poses. On the plus side, no attempt to sing or dance.

#8: Philly BDS Flashdance, October 2010

Beanpole nerd in sequin top, butch women, and a horrendous lack of singing or dancing talent.

#7: BBC Headquarters Wales, December 2008

Supergluing themselves seemed like good idea at the time.

#6: Tesco Wales, 2009

So did stealing goods.

#5: Ahava, Washington DC, March 2010

Ugly Code Pinkers in bath robes. Need I say any more.

#4: Starbucks, Cairo, 2010

Unimaginative, seemingly unprepared and about as bored as everyone else subjected to watching them.

#3: Israel Ballet, Maryland, February 2010

Old men in ballet tutus, horrendous puns and attempts at rhyme, climaxing in off-key singing.

#2: Best Buy, November 2009

Unattractive David and Victoria Beckham impersonators, coupled with horrendous Spice Girl vocals.

#1: Assorted Businesses, NYC, July 2010

Awful acting, awful singing, awful dancing. And not just confined to the one place.

By the way,  pro-Israel activists in the US are planning a massive national “Buy Israel Goods (BIG)” campaign next Tuesday and hope it will continue every day. Go here to find stores in different areas that carry Israeli products.

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media