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Making More Of a Dick Of Himself

Fresh from his mocking on Israeli television, anti-Israel journalist blogger Richard Silverstein has posted that the charges against palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi are “with absolute certainty..a fraud.”

His proof? Well, he has none (

After consulting with Dirar Abusisi’s attorney, his wife and brother and checking the facts regarding the Shabak accusations, I can say with absolute certainty that they are a fraud.

They are a fraud in large part because Abusisi, likely under torture or extreme duress gave an account to his interrogators that was blatantly false.  But the part that indicates the sheer incompetence of the security services is that they didn’t even check to determine whether the information he proferred was accurate.  That would seem to be an elemental rule of spycraft.

And whatever Abusisi couldn’t provide them to embellish the story they appear to have made up.

It seems that the Shabak has been hoisted on its own petard.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this post, I tried to summarize from memory Dirar Abusisi’s charge sheet, which I’d correctly translated in yesterday’s post.  I made two errors.  This post has been edited to correct those errors.

First, Shabak’s charge sheet claims Abusisi studied missile design at the Kharkov military academy and that his advisor was a Professor Petrovich, who specialized in SCUD rocket technology.  The claim is that he led a double life while earning his PhD in electrical engineering at a civilian wing of the institute, while all the while maintaining a full program in military engineering.

A few minor problems with claim: first, according to his wife, Abusisi attended the Zaporhizia Machine Building Institute,   A reader below has done a search of the database for Abusisi’s doctoral dissertation and it says he defended it at the Kharkiv State Academic of Municipal Economy.  His brother Yousef notes that Dirar arned his degree in electrical generation, and Dirar’s lawyer told me that Prof. Petrovich does not exist.  As I said, I have these facts both from Yousef and Veronika Abusisi and the victim’s attorneyand no information they’ve offered till now has been proven wrong.

I am getting a different impression of the charge sheet regarding Abusisi’s “recruitment” to Hamas in which I claimed yesterday the Shabak may’ve deliberately concocted his relations with a number of assassinated Palestinian militant leaders.  It now occurs to me that it may’ve been Abusisi himself who concocted the story using such figures because no one in Shabak could possibly investigate the authenticity of his claims.

In short, the accusations against Abusisi are a tissue of lies.

If Shabak throws this man in prison it and the government will be made to be the laughing-stock of intelligence agencies around the world.

And I put the world media on notice that whoever reports the Israeli charges at face value will wind up with egg on their faces.

Media emptor.

I also put the Shabak on notice that someday this man will go free and if you harm a hair on his head as punishment for what he’s done you will face a reckoning either moral or legal. The days of impunity are rapidly drawing to an end.

Notice how Silverstein offers not a shred of proof. Just guesswork largely based on conversations he had with Abu Sisi’s family and lawyer. When confronted with the reality he is indulging in speculation, this is how he responds:

You don’t understand the difference between speculation & a factual assertion. When I speculate I tell you that I am doing so. When I state that something is a fact I am not speculating. So let me rephrase, tell me when any factual assertion of mine has been proven wrong in such cases?

I’m tickled by the fact that you claim the only person who knows what really happened is the Shabak interrogator. Why not the actual victim? But why trust the victim. They’re only Palestinian after all & certainly unreliable, while your Mukhabarat are always so. Right??

In other words, his speculations are fact because he says so, and because no-one has proved them to be wrong.

And there’s this:

Prof. Petrovich doesn’t exist because Abusisi told his attorney he made his up. Can’t get a better source than that. A researcher in the Ukraine has found no reference to such a professor.

In other words, he believes the accused – who has everything to gain from lying – is the best source.

Notice also how Silverstein made errors with the translation of the charge sheet, which are rather bad errors to make when 1) you claim there are only a few examples of you being proven wrong (this is the second time in two days; he also made an error regarding the name of one of the hosts on the television show on which his interview appeared). 2) you claim to be well versed with Hebrew

Meanwhile, Silverstein may want to reconsider his defiant, parting words. This just in:

Dirar Abu Sisi gave Israeli intelligence ‘valuable information’ that led to the attack on arms smugglers in Port Sudan, Sudan, a source told Kuwait newspaper Al Jarida reported Thursday. According to the source, Abu Sisi passed along the sensitive information to Israel during his remand since he was abducted by a train in Ukraine last month.

The source also told Al Jarida that Israel also received valuable information on smuggling routes and cells operating from Sudan, through Egypt, and to Gaza, from a number of southern Sudanese refugees who have migrated to Israel.

Methinks it is the Dickster who is the blatant fraud here, and it is he who will end up with egg on his face.

Update: Here’s the full Channel 10 interview with Silverstein.

Notice how he claims if revealing information would harm Israel, he wouldn’t do it. I call BS on this.

23 thoughts on “Making More Of a Dick Of Himself”

  1. dave,

    even when he makes blatant errors, he will not admit to them…i just read his comments, where he blames his own "hasty translation"

    hasty??? why cant he admit that he cant read hebrew any better than an jewish american 5 year old in day school

    this is the same guy who explained to his readers that purim was the jewish version of april fools day

    the only way to totally destroy dickie is to end gag orders

    had on day one israeli news media been allowed to announce that sisi had been captured…all dickie couldve done is bitch and moan like he usually does

    have no problem with the extended interrogation process…i take it that israel doesnt waterboard

    i also take it that not only was his interrogation instrumental in the sudan operation, but also (although they arent saying) in the stopping of the ship laden with arms

    but shoot…america let it be known that they had ksm…big whoop

    oh…and today, dickie decided it was hate…not bullets from the gun of a pa terrorist, that killed juliano mer….hate on both sides

    me…i prefer to think of it as the chickens finally coming home to roost

    neither juliano nor his mother were "peace activists"

    this is pretty clear if you watch his documentary, arna's children

    of course, that doc also blamed arab terrorism on the behavior of jews and israel…so juliano and dickie are soul brothers

  2. btw, his attempt to explain why his speculation is not speculation, sounds remarkably like the following quote from lewis carroll

    Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic.

    however, carroll was intelligent, dickie is a moron…so they arent quite the same

  3. "Frankly, I don’t understand how a PhD on his subject could have any practical military use."

    wasnt Yahya Ayash, called. "the engineer"?

    in fact, he had a bs in electrical engineering

    how dumb is dickie???

  4. The Little Dickie Silverstein Marching Song

    I am a little kapo,
    It makes my mommy mad,
    Cause when I am a kapo,
    Those Zionists get sad!
    I celebrate the jihad,
    and terror all the while,
    I fill my blog and web page,
    With loud salutes of Sieg Heil!
    I want to see them Zraelis,
    All dumped out in the sea,
    My swastika a waving,
    Cause everything’s bout me!!

  5. "It seems that the Shabak has been hoisted on its own petard."

    It's "hoist"; "hoisted" is ungrammatical. Sophomoric mistake, which seems about right.

  6. Being a native Russian speaker, I can just about guarantee you that Konstantin Petrovich, as Abu Sisi's professor was named in the reports, is NOT a first name and a last name, but rather first name and a father's name (????????).

    I've made a Google search, and there's a Professor Konstantin Petrovich BARAKHOV in the faculty of rocket and space technology of the National Aerospace University of Kharkov. Here's the link to the list of teachers on the faculty:

    Barakhov is the youngish looking blonde man in a striped red-white shirt. The page says he is a graduate of the same university, he teaches on the ROCKET AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY FACULTY since 2004 and he has published works on the theory of elasticity.

    I'm not saying with 100% certainty that he is the guy, of course, but it's a very strong possibility.

    1. Yeah, in English it is called patronymic.

      The only problem there may be is that this particular man is not a professor but a teaching assistant (the most junior tutor rank in post-Soviet countries). Anyways, TA can be an advisor, but he wouldn't be probably called a professor (which is the highest and pretty rare rank in post-Soviet countries).

      1. so he is a professor the same way that dickie is a journalist….so what?

        fry sisi…and put dickie on his lap

  7. In Late Breaking News, Mr. KAPOstein has declared OJ Simpson is innocent and has been railroaded by the government. His source is OJ's mother and daughter.
    He calls himself a journalist in one breath and complains that nobody wants to publish his dreck in the next breath. Just makes him unemployable in another profession. He can only record his "successes" by the number of failures in his life. I guarantee once his kids grow up his wife will kick him to the curb with the rest of the garbage in his household.

  8. What I find disturbing about Richard (and others like him), is he actually believes his own version is all that counts. The 'evidence' he has presented is so very poorly qualified. I like to hear all voices in a debate about an issue so I can attempt to make an assessment . That is simply not possible following Richard's version of events. I'd venture this much to say he doesnt give the Israelis any room for doubt at all and cuts unfathomable slack for the other party. The biggest danger someone like Richard has in convincing others of his arguments is to show the level of bias he most clearly demonstrates. His views really are only for the benefit of Jew and Israel-haters, who cannot see anything but all blame for everything heaped uopn anything Jew or Israel-related. No reasonable person could possibly take them on board seriously without important aspects being conclusively validated to prove his points.

  9. Shalom
    " Notice how he claims if revealing information would harm Israel, he wouldn’t do it. I call BS on this."
    I call BS on it to .
    I'm a Left wing Israeli and I tried very hard to correct many of the mistakes and downright lies he was spreading on his blog and he banned me from commenting then started stalking me and making up stories and calling me a Right winger and much more lies and abuse
    this guy is a real dick and I wish all of you good luck with your campain against him , if you need any help just say so

  10. As a Jew Richard Silverstein jeopardizes the lives of Israeli citizens all in the name of his love for Israel. Priceless!

    1. There are lot the Jews like that. One was my Dean in YC, one of Baker's boys in State. And he really, sincerely thinks he is helping.

  11. He does not love us he hates us , all of us, Right , Centre and Left
    The only thing he loves is the sound of his own voice .
    Somebody is feeding him information from here , some idiot , Silverstein's knowledge of life here is minimal and his hebrew is laughable , he has not a clue about anything except to slam all of us .
    He doesnt listen he does not want to hear , he knows everything and is above criticism , try and he will close you down .

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